School is in! Time to focus on yourself again, you deserve it. Contact us about our Fall HIIT Fit specials!  Shout out to everyone who came out today and challenged themselves! Got their first hand stand push-up today: Patty. Ciera. Bri. Jenn. Jessie. Tom. Alex. Kate. _________________________ Strength: Push Press 4x4 @ 75% WOD: 100 DB bench press Every time you break = 20/15 cal row or bike Rx+: 70/50 Rx: 60/40 Level III: 50/30 Level II: 40/20 Level I: 30/10 Post: 400m Farmers Carry  Tomorrow! 9:30am Alpha Sunday. 11:30 Farewell Lunch @pizzachaletcovina. Come show Coach Miguel off in true SHIELD fashion. All gyms and athletes are welcome! First round on Coach Sal! #getyourmindright #positivevibes  Reminder! The @bowsandbarbellsfitness competition is this weekend! Come out and support your fellow athletes! . Wednesday: Strength: Bent Over db rows. Hand Stand Push Ups. WOD: 100 DU or DU attempts 75 Sit-ups 50 burpees 25 RDLs 50 burpees 75 sit-ups 100 DU or DU attempts  Coach @horruit_quaesitor and Coach @shirtlesssal paid respect to the victims of 9/11 this weekend by climbing 110 flights of stairs in their full gear. As Crossfitters we pay respect by completing a workout. If you feel moved to do a little more today there is a link in our bio to give to the families of victims. We are all family and we al stand UNITED.  Lead by example.
 #tbt Shout out to our #1 Trojan Fan @sparkyjameson. Strength: Back Squat 3x10 @ 60% Super Set with 3x plyo/clapping push-ups for max reps WOD: “Isabel” 30 snatches for time  Tuesday Skill Work: Spend 20 min working on handstand skill work Handstand holds against wall Free standing handstand holds HSPU Deficit HSPU Handstand walking Pike push-ups off box Handstand kick ups Just get upside down!!! WOD 4 RFT: 200m Run 15 T2B 10 HSPU 5 Jumping Air Squats Rx+: strict T2B, deficit HSPU 4/3 blue plates Rx: HSPU without abmat or with plates leveled next to abmat Level III: HSPU w/ abmat Level II: Knees to elbow, seated DB strict press Level I: Knees to chest, seated DB strict press  Don't forget to come out and support Coach @tiny___tina___ at tomorrow's @bowsandbarbellsfitness comp hosted by @irwindalecrossfit. Stop by and show your love.  Join us on Sunday at @pizzachaletcovina in Covina after the Alpha Sunday tribute WOD to celebrate our beloved coach. All gyms and athletes are welcome to wish him fairwell. #getyourmindright 🦅  Monday WOD: “9/11 Tribute WOD” For Time: 2001 meter Run 11 Box Jumps 30/24” 11 Thrusters 125/85# 11 C2B pull-ups 11 Power Cleans 170/115# 11 HSPU 11 KBS (71/53#) 11 T2B 11 Deadlifts (170/115#) 11 Push Jerks (110/75#) 2001 meter Row  Thursday Barbell Warm up: Clean Ext + Clean (start with barbell and work up to 50% of Clean max) Strength: Clean and Jerk (power jerk or split jerk) 5x3 @ 65-70% WOD: 15-12-9-6-3 Barbell Good Mornings KBS **2 rope climbs between each set** Rx+: 95/75 Rx: 85/65 Level III: 75/55 Level II: 65/45 Level I: 55/35 Post: Medball supermans (hold medball in hands, athlete chooses weight)
 Strength: Power Clean 4x2 @ 70% Super Set with single leg RDLs (DB or KB) 4x10 each leg @ 3x3 tempo (3 count descending, 3 count ascending) WOD: 3000m row or 4 miles on bike 5 chin-ups EMOM  Monday Strength: Tempo Split Squats 5x5 tempo (5 count descending, 5 count ascent) WOD: “Elizabeth” 21-15-9 for Time Squat Cleans Ring Dips Rx+: 185/135#, strict ring dips Rx: 135/95# Level III: 95/65#, box/bench dips Level II: 75/55#, box/bench dips Level I: 65/45#, box/bench dips  Thursday Strength: Snatch Complex: Snatch Ext + Power Snatch (2+1)/6 @ 60-70% WOD: “Danny” 20 min AMRAP 30 box jumps 24/20” 20 push press 115/75# 30 pull-ups Rx+: 135/95# Rx: 115/75# Level III: 95/65#, ring rows off box Level II: 85/55#, ring rows Level I: 75/45#, ring rows  SHIELD is sad to announce the departure of Coach Miguel. In true @_miguelangelsanchez fashion, he has chosen to spread his wings and take a job in San Diego. Miguel has been the heart of our gym and we will never forget all he has taught us. Join us on Sunday at @pizzachaletcovina in Covina after the Alpha Sunday tribute WOD to celebrate our beloved coach. We know his reach goes far, so all gyms and athletes are welcome to wish him fairwell. #getyourmindright 🦅  Friday Strength: Bench Press 3x8 @ 65-70% WOD: 21-15-9 9-15-21 Thrusters Pull-ups Rx+: 105/75 Rx: 95/65 Level III: 85/55, Ring rows off box Level II: 75/45, Ring Rows Level I: 65/35, Ring Rows Post: Core Blaster – 3 rounds 15 tuck ups 15 leg raises 30 sec hollow body hold  Wednesday Strength: Single Arm DB Press 3x10 each arm WOD: 5 rounds: 30 sec on 30 sec rest Bike Sprint T2B DUs Renegade rows w/ push-up Russian Twists w/ medball Rx+: Strict T2B, 60/40 DB, 30/20 medball Rx: Kipping T2B, 50/35 DB, 20/14 medball Level III: K2E, 40/25 DB, 16/12 medball Level II: Knees to chest, 35/20 DB, 14/10 medball Level I: Leg raises, 25/10 DB, 12/8 medball Post: Turkish Get Ups 3x3 each side (increase weight each set)